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Proposal for purchasing new computers

The new monitor has a wider screen than the older one and is very sleek which helps in saving the space on employee’s desk for other purposes. The new monitor enables employees to work on more than one application and window at a time and the speed of shifting from one window to another is even quite high which saves time. The new monitor is produced from LED technology which is energy efficient and will help the company in saving money in form of energy. The new CPUs (Central Processing Units) can operate on both Windows 7 and Widows 8, these windows provide new features to employees which will assist them in creating spreadsheets and conducting other operations related to the accounts department. These new Windows operate a much higher speed as compared to the obsolete ones which are running on Windows XP. These new computers have enhanced security systems which safeguards the work conducted by the employees of the accounts department and fights viruses and spyware issues.
HP Business Desktop Pro 6300 B5N09UT Desktop Computer Intel Core i3 i3 2120 33GHz Micro Tower by Office Depot (2012a) HP Business Desktop Pro 6300 B5N09UT Desktop Computer Intel Core i3 i3 2120 33GHz Micro Tower by Office Depot. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 27 Dec 2012].
Samsung S23B300B 23 Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor Glossy Black by Office Depot (2012b) Samsung S23B300B 23 Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor Glossy Black by Office Depot. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 27 Dec ...
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Due to outdated computers, the productivity of employees has decreased, the amount of time wasted due to slow outdated computers is quite high and these computer…
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