Onset Ventures Case Study

Onset Ventures Case Study Case Study example
Case Study
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Onset Ventures Table of Contents I.Background of the Case 3 II.Facts of the Case 4 A.Stated Facts 4 B.Implied Facts 5 III.Problem Definition 5 A.Source Problem 5 B.Secondary Problem 5 IV.Alternative Options 5 V.Criteria 6 VI.Solutions 7 VII.Implementation & Follow-up 8 References 9 Appendices 10 I.


Early-stage ventures are very young firms with limited operational resources and are usually in the development, startup or survival stages. The seasoned firms are usually in rapid-growth or maturity stages (Leach & Melicher, p.21-22). Seed financing is represented by the funds required to determine if an idea can be a viable business opportunity. This is usually necessary at the development stage of a venture. Other sources of financing are startup financing, first-round, second-round, liquidity stage, mezzanine and seasoned financing, depending upon the ventures life cycle stage. Onset Ventures is a top-tier seed investor which has raised three funds till now. The partners at Onset have analyzed and set six principles, based on which they provide seed financing to a startup venture. The principles address the skill set and experience of the entrepreneur, continuously evolving business model, validation of business model followed by hiring the CEO, the funds spent only to add value perceived by the capital providers, product’s Unique Selling Proposition and the skills of personnel hired. These principles have been refined over time and lead to the development of incubation process through which the company develops, refines and pursues or rejects business ideas. During the first phase, pre-seed phase of incubation process, Onset analyzes if the business concept can be an attractive investment. ...
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