Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Name: Course name: Course instructor: Date: 1. Overview The plan detailed below is aimed at outlining the communication tactics that will be employed in order to create awareness regarding TOMS shoe. The channels that will be used to ensure that our target audience is reached will include advertisements on television, advertising on social networking sites, experiential marketing and also on college campuses.


As a matter of fact Argentina was the first place where TOMS Shoes were given out for free. In a period of only five years that TOMS Shoes has been in the market; the company has managed to sell over a million pairs of shoes. The company has not only sold out all those pairs of shoes but also it has given away freely almost an equal figure of shoes as part of the companies model of buy one get one free (one for one). TOMS shoes mission statement is to be a trendsetter with its stylish shoe variety as well as to be socially responsible through charitable missions. TOMS donates a pair of shoe to a needy child for every pair of shoe bought.   Marketing objectives The marketing objectives of the company is to increase the purchase of TOMS shoe among the youth including college students, those who have recently graduated and in general those below the age of 35 years. In addition, the company in its objectives aims at increasing its market share by 20% in the next 3 years by aggressive marketing using advertisements and other outlined promotional techniques. ...
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