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Integrated Marketing Plan The integrated marketing communication plan will outline communications strategies that will be used to create awareness of the product (TOMS). The integrated communication tools that will be used to reach the target audience (sports people and the general population) include online marketing and brand advertising.


The plan also outlines the communication tools required for the launch of the product. The main marketing objective is to increase market share by 30% by the end of the plan implementation using appropriate communication tools such as online marketing, brand advertising, telemarketing, tradeshows, and direct mail. The company also wants to increase the purchase of its products by sports people and the general population. The communication objectives include; (a) making the product known to the target audience by the end of plan implementation; the objective is to reach approximately 25% of the target audience; and (b) to increase the number of target audience purchasing the products through the internet by 30% by the end of plan implementation. The company also wants to increase the target audience’s visits to its stores by 10% by the end of plan implementation. The objectives will be met through the use of appropriate communication tools. The company faces several issues and challenges. Other competitors such as Nike and Adidas have already reached the target audiences. The international footwear market is highly fragmented and competitive with numerous smaller players and a few key players. It is estimated that only a few of the companies such as Nike and Adidas are able to reach the 1 billion U.S. dollar barrier (Packaged Facts 2009, p71). ...
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