Customer attitude towards change in brands' ownership in the automotive industry and how it affects car purchase intentions.

Customer attitude towards change in brands
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Customer attitude towards change in brands' ownership in the automotive industry, and how it affects car purchase intentions Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Introduction With the continued elevation of completion within the current global marketplace because of globalization, introduction of new products has turned out to be a highly risky venture.


Due to the increasing alarming studies about the possible harmful impacts of these, family brands’ extensions, the marketers’ attention has been captured by some recent new approaches. One such approach is the alliances of brands, which this paper seeks to examine in the automobile industry. In the present competitive world, brand alliances are often chosen as strategic options, which assume a diversity of forms ranging from simple advertising to ingredient branding. Some prominent illustrations of such collaborations of brands are evident across the daily life of consumers and spans diverse industries such as high technology, airlines, automobile industry, services, fast moving consumer products, as well as the fashion industry (Bluemelhuber, Carter & Lambe 2007, p. 427). In marketing, an attitude is a general assessment of products or services created over time (Solomon 2008, p. 11). Attitude satisfies personal motives as well as affects buying and shopping habits of the consumers. Consumer attitudes compose of the consumers’ beliefs, behavioral intentions, and feelings about a product or service. ...
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