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Challenges of International Apparel Brands in Penetrating China

The paper operates mainly based on research questions which can be stated as follows: Why China is an important market? How can China help international brands to extend their market share? It can also be seen that China though offers opportunity, but for any foreign brand to expand into China would require a research on the Chinese consumers behaviour. Consumer research based on the behavioural pattern can make the international brands understand the market in a better way to implement the right strategy. A thorough research based on the analysis of data collection and other methods can play a significant role in understanding the true nature of consumer behaviour in context to the Chinese culture. Chinese economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Since, the advent of economic liberalisation in the early 1980’s the country has seen unprecedented growth. This feature of the country has made it the hotspot for the foreign brands willing to expand their business and extend their market share. Chinese culture in comparison to other cultures is different and this makes the road to success multifaceted for the global brands. Chinese consumers have strong liking for foreign brands as they hardly distinguish them as different brands but rather treat each brand as an international brand and use it to maintain their status symbol. The Chinese consumers’ behaviour has always been a subject of discussion. The case is the same in context to the international clothing brands expanding in China. ...
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The purpose of this present paper is to show the relation between the consumption of international brand and the Chinese consumer. The paper’s purpose further lies in analysing the prospects for the foreign apparel brand in the Chinese market. …
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