Challenges of International Apparel Brands in Penetrating China

Challenges of International Apparel Brands in Penetrating China Essay example
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Challenges of International Apparel Brands in Penetrating China Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to show the relation between the consumption of international brand and the Chinese consumer. The paper’s purpose further lies in analysing the prospects for the foreign apparel brand in the Chinese market.


Findings: China is the fastest growing economy and the new hotspot for the companies worldwide. The preferences of the consumers have changed since the liberalisation of the economy and foreign brands have become symbolic status. Yet, it can be seen that the older roots of Chinese culture still impacts the buying behaviour. The lack of knowledge of Chinese culture amongst foreign brands has also been noticed. Research Limitations: Qualitative methodology has provided ample scope of research but it still has some limitations. It cannot be widely used for sampling large population. But, there is always room for future research based on different research methodologies. The research has also emphasised on practical and social implications affecting the society and the business entities. Originality: The research has focused on the importance of Chinese culture in determining the market scenario for the apparel brand. Piracy problem being a major concern for the foreign brands has also been highlighted. Key Words: Chinese Culture, Consumer Behaviour, Apparel Brand, Piracy, Research, Qualitative methodology, Practical and social implications, Symbolic value. ...
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