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Ethical Issues Supporting Children Advertising

Ethical Issues Surrounding Children Advertising Introduction Advertising to children has long been the point of extensive debate about the impacts such advertisements could have on young, vulnerable, and easily influenced consumers. One issue with children advertising is that kids are not capable of differentiating between the programme and the advertisement. Hence, youngsters do not have the same critical thought as grown-ups do and more apt to believe ads (Buijzen & Valkenburg 2005). Ads may take advantage of children’s irresistible desires for bodily gratification, attachment, play, persuading them to choose prefer physical items over socially driven alternatives. Some scholars claim that ads make children impulsive, impatient, and materialistic (Ramsey 2006). Therefore, this essay takes into consideration the ethical issues surrounding children advertising. Relevant Theories/Models Because the issue of advertising’s effect on youngsters was charged to children’s cognitive developmental weaknesses, with a number of governmental concerns for the possible fault of unethical advertisers who deliberately deceive youngsters with their advertisements, that became the main emphasis for the believed solution, too. ...
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Outline I. Introduction: An overview of ethical issues surrounding children advertising. II. Relevant Theories/Models: A discussion of developmental theories, such as the cognitive developmental theory of Piaget, and information processing theory of child development…
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