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The Management of Change Table of Contents Introduction 3 Company Overview 4 General Motor Company 4 Nissan Motor Company 4 Reasons for Change 5 General Motor Company 5 Nissan Motor Company 6 Change Management Process 8 General Motor Company 8 Nissan Motors Company 9 Problem and Success 11 General Motor Company 11 Nissan Motor Company 12 Conclusion and Recommendation 13 References 15 Introduction Change management is an approach which provides a way to transform the organization from present state to desired future state.


It has often been argued that change occurs in an organization due to several forces such as nature of the workforce, economic conditions, competition, social trends, and world politics among others which either relates to the internal or external business environment. Change management is a concept which assists an organization to respond faster to the customer demands. The concept of change management can also be regarded as a theory which tends to motivate the employees of organization to accept the change and execute the organisational process in an effective and efficient manner. Therefore, it can be observed that organisational change management should begin with a systematic diagnosis of the present situation in order to determine both the need for change and the capability of change (Smith & Graetz, 2011). Based on this consideration, this paper will aim at analysing and evaluating the strategies adopted by two real life organizations, i.e. General Motors and Nissan with the purpose of implementing change. ...
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