How Advertising has Changed the Perception of Women's Self-Esteem

How Advertising has Changed the Perception of Women
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How advertising has changed the perception of women’s self esteem Abstract The excessive emphasis on the virtues of a "perfect body" and its association with a positive self-image, as advocated by popular media has largely contributed to the rapid growth of the cosmetics industry in the western society.


The same has however led to a serious alteration in women’s self-esteem, as they experience great pressure to cope and adapt to the world around them. This paper seeks to explore the physical and behavioral change in womens’ attitude brought about by the increasing popularity of cosmetics and surgery; the evolution of medical advertising; the trends and impact of advertisements in shaping women's perceptions of beauty and the ethical issues involved in advertising of such products. Table of Contents Sr. # Topic Pg. # 1. Introduction 3 2. Literature Review 4 2.1. Brief overview of the topic 5 2.2. Definition & Meaning of the terms and concepts used 6 2.3. Significance of the topic 7 2.4. The evolution of medical & cosmetics advertising 8 2.5. The relationship between cosmetics and perception of self-image 9 3 Advertising Research 10 3.1 Messages and appeals for using cosmetics 11 3.1.1. Perception of beauty in contemporary society 13 3.1.2. Body image: physical and mental health impact 16 3.2. Ethical Issues 19 3.2.1 Vulnerability of the target consumers 21 3.3. Influences of advertising in shaping the perception of women in society throughout history 23 4. Methodology 24 4.1. Research Methods & Strategy 24 4.2. Data Collection 27 4.3. Limitations of the study 30 5 Analysis & Discussion 32 5.1. Theoretical Perspectives 32 5.2. Data interpretation 36 5.3. ...
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