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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Saxonville Sausage Company General Environment Sanxoville Company which is a privately owned family business was started 70 years ago. This company has its headquarters situated in Sanxoville, Ohio. Its management consists of the owner, president, three vice presidents, and a chief financial officer.


For a long period of time, the company produced a variety of pork sausages and for which it became known all over America. Among its key brands are bratwurst, breakfast sausage, and an Italian sausage christened Vivio. The business, just like any other enterprise, has had several challenges in its progressive growth to be what it is today. It is a multi billion business organization with a multitude of suppliers, employees, and customers. The factors that contributed to the success of the company are discussed in the proceeding part. Strengths And Weaknesses The timing of the set up of the company was strategic in view of its growth over the years. Saxonville Sausage Company was set up at a time when doping sausage business was not as competitive as it is currently. Food business had not so much taken root in the Ohio state. This led to rapid publicity. Consequently, many people got to know of the venture within such a short time and this made its initial stages a success story. The political environment also favored the growth of Saxonville Sausage Company. The United States is largely known for political stability. This has guaranteed the safety and prosperity of investors together with their investments. ...
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