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The Effect of Celebrity (Athlete) Endorsements in Sportswear Marketing on the Consumer's Perception of the Product - Literature review Example

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Author : ofeliaherman
Literature review
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The Effect of Celebrity (Athlete) Endorsements in Sportswear Marketing on the Consumer's perception of the Product and Overall Purchasing Decision (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Celebrity endorsement is a way of influencing consumers to buy products by attaching pictures, signatures or recommendations of celebrities for purpose of increasing sale…

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The Effect of Celebrity (Athlete) Endorsements in Sportswear Marketing on the Consumer's Perception of the Product

Resultant effect of endorsement is reflected on purchasing trends of consumers of that particular product. Sportswear could be clothing and also footwear which are worn for sports purposes and at times are used to indicate a kind of belongingness of the users. Consumers of sportswear use these products to send a message that they are supporters of a given celebrity or strong funs of Sports Company and feel comfortable and safe using them. One can wear them during physical exercises (Kahle & Homer, 1985, pp.954-961). Several concepts explain behaviours of consumers of products regarding why they purchase given products and what drives them into making those decisions. For every marketer therefore, it is important to understand these factors and use them to effectively market his or her products. Different aspects of brand endorsement are to be analysed before venturing into the process of brand marketing (Solomon, 2002, pp.56-62). These include; achievements of celebrity, the kind of brand, image he portrays to the public and compatibility of the brand and celebrity. Brand endorser should be able to fit with the brand in terms of his attributes (Walker, et al., 1992, pp.69-76). This paper is a literature review of how celebrity’s endorsement affects consumer perception on various products. ...
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