Global Marketing in the Context of National Environmental Issues - Essay Example

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Global Marketing in the Context of National Environmental Issues

Formerly known as Warburtons’ the Bakers, Warburtons Ltd. is a producer and distributor of bakery products founded by Thomas Warburton in 1876 in Bolton, the United Kingdom. Warburtons is the strongest grocery brand after Coca Cola in the UK (Nielsen, 2010). It is a family owned business selling over 2 million bakery products daily. According to the chairman of the company, Jonathan Warburton, "From the wheat we grow to the flour we select to the bread we bake, we care because our name's on it". Company’s annual return is estimated at over ? 411 million, and employs over 4,200 staff across 13 bakeries and 11 depots positioned throughout UK (IBM, 2008). Warburtons is heavily investing in marketing and product development, and has recently launched a new ?8.2 million cross-media marketing campaign to achieve ?1 billion revenue target through product diversification and international ventures (Ingredients Network, 2012). This paper attempts to develop a competitive and sustainable marketing strategy for expansion of Warburtons bakery product group to Mauritian food market, Africa. The Product Group Warburtons product group includes bread, rolls, snacks, healthy and gluten free products. ...
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Global Marketing in the Context of National Environmental Issues Once considered a luxury of multinational corporations, global marketing has now become a necessity to ensure well-being and sustainability of any organization (Lee and Carter, 2005). Today’s marketing is same as agricultural-age-marketing building direct relationship between the producer and the consumer…
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