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Business to Business Marketing Q.1. Other than personal selling, analyse the other marketing communication tools that CCS can use in order to win new business. Recommended which communication tools are likely to be the most productive. Justify your answer.


The company under question Cloud Creative Solutions Ltd. is found to work more based on the tool of personal selling while reaching the goods and services produced to the customers. Other than focusing on personal selling alone the company can also render focus on a large number of other marketing communication tools while marketing its different services conducted in the marketing sphere. The different marketing communication tools consist of both traditional means and also other sophisticated modes which depend on the use of internet and digital media. Traditional tools of marketing communication consists of advertising activities on a media plane like use of magazines, newspapers and through other visual and audio modes like radio and television. Moreover advertisements made at various places through the use of billboards can also be used by the company. Cloud Creative Solutions can also market the range of services offered through pasting of advertisements on transport vehicles and in entertainment venues like cinema houses. Other forms of marketing communication tools used by retail companies are using different forms of signage both inside and outside the store to attract the attention of consumers. ...
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