A report into the Marketing strategy and activities of an organisation

A report into the Marketing strategy and activities of an organisation Assignment example
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A Report into the Marketing Strategy and Activities of an Organisation Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Overview 3 Elements of Marketing Process 3 Benefits and Costs of Marketing Orientation of BT 6 6 Macro and Micro Environmental Factor Influencing Marketing Decisions 7 Segmentation Criteria 11 Targeting Strategy of Wi-Fi Service 12 Impact of Buyer Behaviour on Marketing Activities 12 New Positioning of Wi-Fi Services 14 Development of Products to Sustain Competitive Advantage 14 Distribution System to Provide Customer Convenience 15 Determining Price To Set Organisational Objectives 16 Additional Elements of Extended Marketing Mix 16 Marketing Mix For Two Different Segments In Consumer


Marketing is a process of producing assorted appealing experiences that connect with varied populace and generate the desire of distributing with others. Marketing includes proper planning, scheduling and executing ideas essential for the enhancement of organisational profit margin as well as brand image. According to Kotler & et. al. (2010) marketing is referred as the discipline and the talent of investigating, generating, and conveying value in order to assure the needs and the demands of target market with specific returns. Along with these, marketing also helps to identify the unfulfilled wants and requirements. However, digital media also plays a vital role in the process of marketing as it enhances the relationship between customer and marketer (Kotler & et. al., 2010). Hence, it can be depicted that marketing is a human action intended for pleasing the needs and wants through the process of replacement. ...
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