SWOT Analysis Is Deeply Flawed and Should Not Be Applied as a Modern Marketing Tool

SWOT Analysis Is Deeply Flawed and Should Not Be Applied as a Modern Marketing Tool Essay example
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SWOT ANALYSIS IS DEEPLY FLAWED AND SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED AS A MOBERN MARKETING TOOL Name Institution Marketing Tutor Date Introduction Marketing involves making the ideas, services or goods produced by an organization accessible by the targeted consumer. In bid to achieve this objective of marketing, marketing tools that have developed aimed at assisting the organization to make the most viable decision.


This analysis is mainly used in strategic management where that organization aimed at having a competitive advantage from its competitors and it is continuously reviewed. SWOT analysis has been upheld by many organizations, its benefits explored and also its weakness criticized (Evans, and Wright, 2009, p. 10). It is in this bid that this paper will be committed to discussing the thesis statement: SWOT analysis is deeply flawed and should not be applied as a modern marketing tool. Figure 1 The Inherent Weaknesses of SWOT Analysis To begin with, SWOT analysis is flawed as a marketing tool since it does not provide with all the information that is required by managers for strategic planning. From the face value, SWOT analysis is perceived by many people as an easy process. This is since all that a business is expected to do is implement the four quadrant SWOT analysis in the business. This is where the business capitalizes on its opportunities and strengths while mitigating its weaknesses and threats. However, this is not easy and critical information necessary for making marketing decisions is overlooked by the SWOT analysis. ...
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