Marketing Management at Kelloggs Company

Marketing Management at Kelloggs Company Essay example
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Kellogg Company Marketing Management 1. A. Product, Sales and Marketing Orientation at Kellogg’s as organizations The modern world has seen considerable changes in the marketing concepts employed. Let us examine Product, Sales and Marketing Orientation at Kellogg Company.


Sales Orientation The company has continually been coming up with various brands e.g. Coco Pops Choc 'N' Roll Cereal. Kellogg mainly focuses on making the product after which it engages on selling it to the targeted market. Market Orientation The company has always put the client at heart. It tries to comprehend consumer needs by employing suitable methods of doing research. Proper procedures are also initiated to ensure that the information received from clients is attended to (Rosenzweig 2000). Here, customer is in deed the king with whom most activities are based. B. The Customer Loyalty Funnel for Kellogg’s Frosties The main idea behind marketing is reaching the customers at the time that largely persuade their judgments. That’s why Kellogg makes sure that her products are of high quality and also likable to the customers. Marketing has constantly been seeking those points that customers are easily influenced. For decades, these points have been regarded through the allegory of a “funnel”— customers start with a variety of prospective brands at the funnel’s wide end. Marketing activities are then embarked on so as the customers reduce the number of brands to one of their choice. Each day, individuals form intuitions of products from “touch” points such as product experiences, advertisements, among others. ...
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