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(Student’s Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) 1. Briefly summarize the background and consequences of Coca Cola Company’s decision to introduce the new (temporary) coke can with regard to its impacts on consumer behaviour. Coca Cola decided to introduce the new (temporary) coke can in order to appeal to consumer values and in turn increase customer involvement.


With its new design with polar bear on the can the company not only tried spread awareness and raise funds WWF’s polar bear initiative but also tried to use this an emotional strategy to drive sales and increase customer involvement. By this initiative Coca Cola tried to appeal to the hedonic needs of the consumers. The company expected the consumers to identify themselves with the cause and buy more of these cans. The consequences were not on the expected lines. Consumers confused the new white Coca Cola can with diet coke and this lead to a backlash from the consumers. Consumers were not happy with the move and even protested the change in colour by calling it as blasphemy. The sales of the product also declined and forced the company to bring back the red cans. 2. Using consumer concepts and theories covered in class, how would you explain why many consumers detected negative changes in the actual product and subsequently rejected the new coke can? The truly great brands are those which develop a loyal customer base and are able to develop a relationship with the consumer. Consumers identify with brands and products. Loyal customers are satisfied with a brand and buy it continuously over time. ...
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