SWOT of a Product: Ying Yang IPhone

SWOT of a Product: Ying Yang IPhone Essay example
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Ying Yang IPhone The new technological advancements have influenced in many communication sectors. A significant advancement is certainly on mobile phone communication devices. However, mobile phone manufacturers have not yet come up with a cell phone that is specifically suited for business and personal use at the same time.


The iPhone seeks to achieve a balance between business and personal of the phone. The philosophy seeks to show how seemingly contrary forces can be integrated together to come up with a useful product and powerful product than the two separate products. If business people can get an iPhone that will serve them best in both their business and personal needs, it would help them realize their business projections with much ease as they carry on with their personal lives. The attainment of this goal is however limited to the basic iPhone capabilities and current technology. The phone has new and great features for application. It has an ability to multitask and has a big screen for clarity. The processor microchip has advanced features that make the phone fast in executing a wide variety business application programs. It has an enhanced email and text editing capabilities for businesspersons. It has enterprise features that support multiple exchange accounts, better data protection, wireless application distribution, and a new exchange server. It has also introduced a mobile advertising platform and a social gaming network. A new feature called Siri enables users to use their voice to input various commands on the phone. (Apple Web). The IPhone has the worlds’ most advanced mobile operating system that is easier to use. ...
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