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Bubble Tea in Singapore Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Bubble tea is the term given for pearl milk tea (PMT) and additional comparable beverages that began in teashops in the 1980s in Taiwan. Drink formulas might differ, but a large amount of bubble teas comprise of a tea base assorted with fruit or its juice with the choice of amalgamating it with milk.


Bubble tea commenced its ascension to global recognition, thinning out from Taiwan to supplementary East Asian nations. It then wandered to Chinatowns all through the American States, and diverse college urban alongside the West Coast of America. There is existence of bubble teashops and cafes in the westernized countries and the United Kingdom. There are numerous variations of the drink, based on the kinds of tea employed and ingredients inclusion. Market research This research is aimed at guaranteeing generation of customers’ desire for Cha Time brand and not the firm’s assumptions of their wants. This research is yet to be undertaken in an attempt to supplement the sale of bubble tea in public places. Even though, this product is sold at restaurants and cafes, it has a wide household market (Lewis & Clark, 2008). Our main objective is to market the Cha Time brand at Ang Mo Kio Outlet Avenue 6. This research will enable reduction of risks for its trial in the novel household market in Singapore. Bubble Tea is a speedily increasing market in the Middle East, although it is relatively old Singapore, it is not widely spread in household delivery (Richardson, Rubinstein & Joseph, 2009). ...
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