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Marketing Management Table of Contents Introduction 3 Marketing Mix Analysis 3 Product 3 Price 4 Place 4 Promotions 5 Stakeholders Analysis 5 Customers 5 Competitors 6 Company 6 Community 6 Brand & Positioning Analysis 7 Conclusion 9 References 10 Bibliography 11 Introduction The era of globalization has not only opened up new vistas for business organizations but has also created a high competition in the business markets with organizations reaching out to every market where opportunities are available.


It is also very important to analyze the consumer behavior of the target market audience so as to have an idea about the needs and wants of the consumers. This is important as it defines the positioning of the brand which is very critical to the success of the company (Bolles, 2002:10). The present study will analyze the marketing mix as well as brand positioning strategies of Nike so as to have a practical understanding of the importance of these aspects. Marketing Mix Analysis The elements of marketing mix include the aspects of Product, Price, Place and Promotions (Winston, 1984:27). The marketing mix analysis of Nike is presented below: Product Nike caters to the footwear and related accessories market and has operations across the globe. Nike has a wide product portfolio that encompasses mainly sporting products and accessories including shoes, T shirts, badges, bags and other accessories. The product portfolio depth includes sporting gear for different kinds of sport. ...
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