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Company Analysis 1. Time Context The time definition of the case study originates from the events of the ongoing discussions, which is during a time when the Success Inc. required engaging a new supplier. After seeking for a supplier, Creative works emerges as an interested candidate and proceeds to an appointment with Success Inc representatives.


Despite the fact that Creative Works Limited is interested in the supply engagement with Success Inc, the preparations for the presentation appears to be poorly done. The presenters fail to explain the actual legal relationship held with the suspicious companies and appear to approach the agreement in a rather casual manner when compared with the contractor. Follow-up research on the actual performance of the individual companies, party to the ambiguous relationship, reveals that some grave concerns such as bankruptcy and unclear objectives leading to a doubtful termination of the negotiations. 2. Viewpoint Creative Works Limited case study takes the perspective of the case from the managing director’s position, as he is involved in the negotiations as the highest company official. The point of view is that of Leslie Smith, who acts as the facilitator in the negotiations. As the purchasing manager, most issues in the negotiations touch on the decisions required from the purchases department and understanding the underlying issues is important for the process. 3. ...
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