The effects of TV Advertising on older consumer behaviour over 50 years in the United Kingdom

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The effects of TV Advertising on older consumers’ behaviour over 50 years in the United Kingdom Acknowledgements The author would like to take this opportunity to thank and show appreciation to the dissertation supervisor Dr Howard Dunton for all the assistance, guidance and motivation provided during the course of this study.


ABSTRACT The research examines the phenomenon of television advertising within the 21st century, specifically within the context of market segmentation, with the segment in this case being the ‘third agers’ or those above 50 within the United Kingdom. The study has employed the qualitative research method using secondary data to examine the vast amount of academic literature surrounding the topic as a means of reaching a conclusion. All three objectives set in the first chapter have been achieved and the research questions answered. The findings of the research suggest that the segmentation of the group under question leaves somewhat to be desired given that this group are given little relevance and on the whole underrepresented within the media. In addition, it was found that it is not so much the underrepresentation that is an issue with this group, rather it is the portrayal; it is felt that older consumers are portrayed in a disparaging and derogatory manner of being ill and feeble or alternatively unrealistically attractive. This lack of synergy between the advertisers and the third agers is somewhat dangerous given their growing spending power within society and it is one which cannot be ignored if companies wish to be lucrative. ...
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