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The marketing communications plan for ultime HP TV - Essay Example

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This present paper is a marketing communication plan, which denotes on the plan that will be used in conducting the marketing communication. The paper is written from the standpoint of a manufacturer who in this case is Hewlett-Packard. …

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The marketing communications plan for ultime HP TV

The marketing communication plan will be divided into two critical sections or stages, of which the first stage spells out the objectives of the plan in terms of the marketing and communication objectives. The second stage of the plan spells out the strategies that will be used in the segmentation, targeting, and positioning processes. Additionally, this report will provide an estimate budget for the marketing communication plan, which will only run for a period of one year and it will only cover the United Kingdom market. According to Malone, the technology industry is busting with innovations in an un-choreographed time schedule, which means that failure to innovate timely product is likely a recipe for failure by the technological companies. The competition is high such that manufacturers in the industry have to continually research and create new products that are more suited to customers’ needs and expectations. Hewlett-Packard Company is a perfect example of a successful company in the global technological industry. The company specializes in the providing technologies, products, software services and solutions for consumers, small and medium term enterprises, and large enterprises.
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