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Blackberry Marketing Programme and Environment Author : Course Title : Tutor’s Name : 1. Introduction Blackberry is a major player in the smart phone and mobile email markets around the world. The brand was designed and developed by the Canadian firm Research in Motion (RIM) and has been operational in the smart phone markets since 1999 (RIM, 2012).


Typical Blackberry devices support many instant messaging features including the Blackberry Messenger. 2. Macro and Competitive Environments For the fiscal year 2011, Blackberry sales accounted for 3% of all mobile device sales around the world. This makes RIM the sixth most popular device manufacturer in the world, as 25% of all mobile devices manufactured in the world are smart phones (Gartner, 2011). The trademark Blackberry Internet Service is offered in 91 countries through some 500 mobile service operators who provide differing mobile technologies (Blackberry, 2010). An estimate from October 2011 places the number of global Blackberry subscribers at 70 million (Colapinto, 2011). The greatest market penetration of Blackberry smart phones is in the Caribbean and Latin America with market penetration levels of up to 45% in the region (Nation News, 2011). However, the market penetration of Blackberry devices is decreasing around the world especially in the North American market. The last quarter of 2010 saw a three percent decrease in Blackberry sales from 19.7% to 16.6% in the United States market. ...
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