TV (and Video) Advertising Is on the Upswing

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TV (and Video) Advertising Is On The Upswing Forbes - David Cooperstein – February 14, 2012 The article discusses the changes in TV viewer trends among consumers worldwide.


Advertisers have to adjust their ad campaigns to catch the attention of viewers more than ever before. The biggest changes in television viewing are occurring among viewers below the age of 35. Companies that measure social chatting associated with television viewing such as BlueFin Labs which tracks and measures online video ratings are on the rise among marketers and advertisers. Other companies that use to dominate the tracking of television viewing trends such as AC Nielsen are having problems adopting new methodologies for calculating ratings. The general perception of the marketing world is that the changes that are occurring in television advertising are good for the industry as a whole. “There is a lot of positive anticipation that the changes in the TV landscape will prove beneficial to marketers of all stripes” (Cooperstein). Marketers now have more alternatives than in the past. Despite some of the controversy over set top box data marketers indicated that their confidence in Nielsen ratings is the same as last year. ...
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