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Outline Introduction Hong Kong Market Marketing Research Design Research Process Conclusion Marketing Research Introduction Marketing as a daily activity is perceived to constitute all processes that are concerned with activities of conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services.


Decision making in the organization with regard to marketing is therefore likely to seek ways of increasing customer satisfaction while achieving the set objectives for the organization. However, in order to precisely capture best methods or strategies to use in satisfying customer needs, responding to customer consumption behaviors in the most appropriate way requires detailed market research. Market research in this case is understood to be a scientific process concerned with gathering and processing critical information, which can be used in marketing management decisions (Wiid and Diggines, 2010). Due to this, marketing research is considered a critical part of a marketing intelligence system that in most cases functions to improve management decisions using timely, relevant, and accurate information. Marketing research has become popular in many organizations due to perceived benefits the process is seen to generate. For instance, smart organizations have been able to achieve and sustain their competitive advantage by using market information in the most creative manner (Wiid and Diggines 2010). Moreover, organizations that adequately satisfy the needs of their consumers have done so by intelligently and creatively using appropriate market research information. ...
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