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Retail/Visual Merchandising Name Institutional affiliation Retail/Visual Merchandising Apple has been successful with the construction of an innovation factory that could harness uncontrolled innovation from its people. This approach motivates entrepreneurial, novel concepts and principles could be launching triumphant, lucrative and creative commodities and services.


The role of a chief executive assigned to an organization that greatly relies on innovation is to build a society based on classic enterprising skills. The visionary perception and capability is needed to observe possibilities where other leaders do not. Steve Jobs perfectly fits with this definition and his personality and achievements coincide and support his drive and passion for the company and its innovations. The re-invention of Apple by Steve Jobs made hi standout from other celebrities and business leaders. Most of the other business leaders mainly rely on their absolute creativity, mixed with the expression of their visions and perceptions. American massive computer designer and manufacturer Apple legally stated that Samsung, another rival company, breached patents by creating their most recent tablet computer, Galaxy. Apple claims that Galaxy has made the tablet with remarkably similar features resembling Apple’s iPad, and particularly the display technology. Attorneys representing Apple informed the federal court following the filing of the lawsuit against Samsung, from South Korea. Samsung has been accused of designing and manufacturing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet through intellectual property violations. ...
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