An Evaluation of the Service Quality of Islamic Banks in Bahrain: An Empirical Study Abstract

An Evaluation of the Service Quality of Islamic Banks in Bahrain: An Empirical Study Abstract Dissertation example
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The present study aims to evaluate the service quality of Islamic banks in Bahrain. Thorugh a systematic random sample of 130 bank patrons, the study found that there was agreement on the dimensions of reliability, with strong agreement being expressed on the adherence of the bank to Islamic laws.


Services have been the fastest growing segment of the world economy (Bick, Abratt & Möller, 2010). The biggest challenge in services is customer satisfaction as this depends upon the quality of service delivery. Service quality is a critical issue in the service industry and particularly in the financial services sector such as banks as the products are difficult for consumers to differentiate. Quality of service depends on how the service is delivered during the process and how the service is perceived during and after it is delivered.
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which conducted interviews with over 50,000 consumers about satisfaction with some 200 companies in 35 industries in its report finds that the consumer satisfaction index has been consistently declining since its inception in 1994 (Allred & Addams, 2000). The banking industry in particular, has posed a cause for concern because customers perceive that service had not improved over the past five years. Some even expressed that it had declined. Errors such as mistakes in their current account can impact customer satisfaction and the overall experience with the bank. High overall service quality leads to enhanced customer satisfaction, improved customer retention, and a favorable image for the financial institution (Ladhari, 2009).
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