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INdividual 8

Various groups that have similar lines of expertise could also team up or collaborate to increase the range of their connections, thus bringing different businesses together by means of intermediaries, but without the hassle of actually meeting up each one of them in person. There is also no need to particularly know who these people are personally, and communications often happen by consulting groups or individual people according to expertise, thus every group have opportunities to show their skills equally since business owners or companies aim to get the job done professionally as to how they would want it done.
It is easier to conduct businesses or sales using social networks such as Facebook. This is because while in LinkedIn transactions are done via consultants or third parties depending on their expertise, Facebook harnesses the power of word-by-mouth in promoting marketing and sales (105). There is also less barriers among businesses since they could conduct transactions directly with customers, upon being introduced to potential consumers by their loyal customers. People belonging to active social networking sites have the power to promote companies or put them down using the strength of suggestion and impressions, like how many people tell their product satisfaction online. The image of the company is also important for consumers, and with the power of suggestion a company could gain or lose profits if for example a group of people would tell others within their networks whether the products or services of a company is good or bad.
Answer to Part II: Different societies having various cultures accept social networking depending on whether the people have a collectivist or an individualist culture. For example, in individualist societies LinkedIn is more often used for finding connections and business partners but without the intention of fusing personal relationships with business ...
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LinkedIn is a social network that caters mostly skilled persons and businesses, which gives the site a more business-like or professional image. There is a greater…
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