Assume that you have been newly Appointed as a Services Marketing Consultant

 Assume that you have been newly Appointed as a Services Marketing Consultant Essay example
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Marketing Contents Contents 2 Service Marketing Mix in McDonald’s 4 Product 4 Place 4 Price 4 Promotion 5 People 5 Process 5 Physical Evidence 5 Service Marketing Strategies in dealing with Consumer Behaviour 6 Service Marketing Strategies for Service Recovery 7 Service Marketing Strategies for Enhancing Business Competencies 9 Service Marketing Strategies based on to reduce Gaps 11 Service Strategies and Managing People for Service Advantage 11 References 13 Service Marketing Mix in McDonald’s Analysis of the service marketing mix of McDonald’s, a world renowned fast food restaurant, would not only entail study of the first four marketing mixes relating to product, price, place and pro


Thus, the fast food restaurant is found to abstain from beef and use mutton while producing and selling non-vegetarian products like hamburgers in India. Such working on continuous innovation helps the company fit into the tastes and likings of the consumers of different regions. Place In terms of location, the fast food restaurant focuses on enhancing its market share pertaining to a particular region through the opening up of large number of outlets in different parts. Thus it has been able to open up numerous restaurants around the globe which in turn help the company to gain on its profits and market revenues. Price In regards to the price mix it is found that McDonald’s works continuously in revising its pricing strategies based on the social, competitive and business environment of a particular region. ...
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