"LOVE" Enhancing the Marketing Plan

"LOVE" Enhancing the Marketing Plan Essay example
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1) Thoroughly discuss the company’s competitors, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. And why? The primary product that 360UP provides is food. The company has the unique business proposition of being a mobile food vendor. 360UP faces lots of competition from different segments.


McDonald’s has over 14,000 stores in the United States and 32737 overall (Jargon, 2011). One of the strengths of McDonald’s is its wide variety of food items in the menu. The second strength McDonald’s has is its outstanding financial performance. In 2010, McDonald’s generated total revenues of $24,075 billion and net income of $4,946 billion (Aboutmcdonalds, 2011). The third strength of McDonald’s is its outstanding customer reach. McDonald’s serves over 64 million customers daily. The main weakness McDonald’s has is the high fat content of most of the items in its menu. The second major competitor in the food industry is Subway. Subway last year surpassed McDonalds as the fast food restaurant with the most franchises worldwide. Today Subway has 36,671 stores across 99 countries (Subway, 2011). Subway has multiple strengths that have made this franchise a complete success. The organization has a tremendous executive management team. During the last decade the franchise has been growing at an outstanding rate. The second strength of Subway is the quality of its food. Subway meals are low on calories and low on fat. The third strength of Subway is the fact that company lets its customers customize its sandwiches. The fourth strength of the company is its outstanding advertising. ...
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