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Marketing Mix Name Course Instructor Institution Date Introduction Marketing mix is a general concept used to explain the different kinds of choices that firms have to formulate in the entire process of bringing about a product or service to a given market.


These elements, also known as the four Ps of marketing include product, price, place and promotion. The marketing mix is therefore a combination of promotion, product place and pricing strategies intended to generate equally satisfying exchanges within a target market (Ehmke (2005). This particular paper therefore intends to provide a description of the various elements of the marketing mix. In addition, it will describe how each of the four elements affects the development of Kellogg’s marketing strategy and tactics as an organization, and lastly how each element is implemented. According to Ehmke (2005) business organizations have to design a successful mix of the product, price, place and promotion. Product refers to the goods or services offered by the business organization or firm to its customers. Other than the physical product itself, there exist also a number of elements associated with the product, which attracts customers. Other attributes of a product include features, brand name, warranties, options, services and quality. A business organization’s products appearance, support and function sum up what an organization’s customer is essentially buying. ...
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