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Name of Student Student Number Marketing: Individual Report/briefing Instructor’s Name Institution name Date Executive summary This report presents a marketing strategy for Traveller Solutions – a company offering travel information to international travellers regarding the destinations.


The information provided by other companies within the industry fails to comprehensively satisfy the requirements of customers in terms of information validity. The report explains the strategies that could be employed by the company in dealing with the imminent threats from existing companies, and establishing brand recognition for the company services. The report further explains the different e-marketing approaches that could be utilised in ensuring marketable products from the company. Situational Analysis According to Kotler et al (2010) Marketing could be defined as the process of communicating essential information to customers and clients. The communication channels used to deliver the message determine the clientele target for the organisation. Corporations aim at providing their clients with information regarding the products offered, and any other relevant information explaining the products to the customers/clients. This corporation aims at reaching the target clients with the marketing report targeting the specified corporate customers. The core business for the organisation involves provision of travelling assistance services to international tourists, and other people travelling into foreign countries. These services include among others, basic information regarding the destination country. The numbers of persons travelling to international destinations continues to rise with time. ...
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