Classic Airline's Marketing Solution

Classic Airline
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It is widely believed that problems are part of everyday business and great problem solvers are better positioned to solve their customer’s needs effectively (Zwilling, 2011). Simply put, a business may not exist if there are no problems. Against this background, this essay seeks to utilize the nine step problem-solving model to solve Classic Airline’s marketing problem.


Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airlines and has witnessed a steady growth in the 25 years since its inception. However, though profitable, the airline has not been spared from the challenges that affect airlines. For instance, increased uncertainty about flying negatively affected the stock prices which saw Classic airlines recording a 10 % decrease in the share prices in 2004. Its negativity has resulted in low employee morale where consumer confidence seems to be declining. Loyal customers also seem to be jumping ship and those remaining are flying less frequently. The airline has come under spotlight as a result of the seemingly mounting problems hence this essay seeks to identify as well as to define the problem bedevilling Classic Airlines. A problem solving model will be applied in a bid to try to address the airline’s current crisis. A close analysis of the case shows that there are both internal as well as external pressures contributing to Classic Airlines’ current crisis. The airline is operating in a competitive environment that is characterised by rising fuel while it is already incurring high operating costs. ...
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