How can a firm use social media in branding?

How can a firm use social media in branding? Research Paper example
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Running Heading: How Can a Firm Use Social Media in Branding? How Can a Firm Use Social Media in Branding? [Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Course] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Social media marketing is growing at rapid pace and is gaining high popularity among organizations and different people.


Apple Incorporation has big name in the industry. The company has been able to capture considerable market share on the basis of its innovative and high quality products. However, the company is not able to reap the benefits of the social media marketing and lacks an effective and efficient social media marketing strategy. In this report the relationship of social media marketing strategies with the overall brand image of the organization has been analyzed and evaluated. In this regard, the current marketing strategy of Apple Incorporation has been evaluated along with proposing several recommendations. For this purpose, secondary and primary research has been conducted by the researcher. The research study concluded that there is direct relationship among the social media marketing and branding, as the social media marketing directly influence the behavior and attitude of the consumer. BACKGROUND: Apple Incorporation is a big name in the computer and electronic industry. The company is known for its continuous innovation and innovative products. Apple is famous for the different ideas and strategies in comparison to the competitors and as a result create a clear edge competitive advantage in the market. ...
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