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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Cinnamon Chex Retailing is a process of distribution of goods and services in the supply chain. Good are distributed from the suppliers or manufacturing companies. Distribution ensures goods and services reach the final consumer.


Manufactures, warehouses, and transporters maintain a timely delivery of products to their consumers. This paper explore the Cinnamon Chex; a food product popular in United States. It will endeavor to trace the production of Cinnamon Chex, its natural ingredients, and added ingredients. The paper further seeks to discuss supply chain, processing, delivery, and SWOT analysis. Finally, it will give the relevant recommendations about the product to consumers. Cinnamon Chex is a product taken as breakfast by many people. This food appears in a cereal meal that is highly nutritious (Crocker 49).Cinnamon Chex contains plant nutrients, mineral salts, and fiber. It is a whole grain meal. Cinnamon consumers have little information about its natural source. Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of several trees. These trees belong to genus cinnamonium that has a wide range of use in savory and sweet foods (131). The trees grow naturally in South East Asia, such as Bangladesh, and Sumatra. Cinnamon cultivation takes two years to mature. After full maturity, drying of branches takes place subsequent removal of the rough, wooden outer barks through a scrapping process (58). Drying of Inner barks takes four hours in an ideal dry, warm environment. Use of wet surfaces promotes growth of pests. This form of agriculture is an export oriented. ...
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