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Food Retailing Contents Introduction 3 Major commodity 3 Agricultural production 3 Food marketing 3 Value added components 3 Main ingredients and define 4 Supply Chain 4 Manufacturing/ processing 4 Storage/ Delivery 5 Supply chain of the company 5 Analysis 6 SWOT 8 Recommendation 8 Reference 8 10 Introduction The project aims to put more light on the food retail industry and discuss about the particular product and its importance in the food industry.


Cereal forms an important part of the food industry. Kellogg contains cereal like fiber and whole grain. Cereals are the world’s most important sources of food industry. US is the largest production of cereals, the average production per 1000 metric tons in the US is 334,554 in the year 2001. The output of cereal globally is expected to be 2219 million tons in the year 2009, 2008 experienced a decreased by 3% (UN News, “UN News Centre”). Agricultural production Food marketing Value added components The value added components of the product Kellogg’s consists of some important cereals which are essential is day to day of life for all age group. Kellogg consists of cereals like whole grains, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Main ingredients and define The main ingredients in Kellogg’s contain fiber, whole grain, vitamins and minerals. Fiber is considered to be healthy for hearts. A diet which is high in fiber ensures all around wellness of the family. According to the Institute of Medicine, recommendation on fiber is mainly based on age and gender. But it seems like people fall short to achieve the goals as most of the people are losing out the benefits of fiber such as promoting good digestive and keeping the heart healthy. ...
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