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The Economist Students Name: Instructor’s Name Course University Date of Submission The Economist The Economist group has a dedication to maintaining its sovereignty and integrity so that it can provide high quality insight, analysis and services that will be valued by its customers (The Economist Group, Our mission, 2012).


The main publications and services offered by the Economist include The Economist newspaper, The Economist online, Economist intelligence unit, Economist Conferences, Economist Corporate Network, The World In and Intelligent Life; along with many other government and financial brands, a well represented reflection of the fact that this newspaper that had only 6,000 copies circulated in 1920, has expanded its operations widely by keeping up with the demands of the modern times (The Economist Group, Our Brands). Unlike many of its peers, who suffered immensely by the global recession of 2008/09, The Economist has been able to report a steady growth every year. In the year 2011, the Economist has reported an increase of 10% in its profits whereas its revenue grew by 9% as compared to the last year. Such an increase in profit has led to the 10% increase in the dividend s to the shareholders in the year 2011 as compared to that of last year and the credit has been given to their advertising recovery along with increased investments in their brands, which led to an increase in their print as well as e-circulations (The Economist Group, Press Releases 2011). ...
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