The Priority for Glenmeadie's Innovation Efforts

The Priority for Glenmeadie
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What should be the Priority for Glenmeadie’s Innovation Efforts? Nunes & Driggs (2006) analysed a whiskey producer named Glenmeadie and their efforts in marketing. Much of the effort seems to be focused on using new technologies to hook in new customers and build relationships with the old; the ‘Web site overhaul’, the ‘local call centre’ and the ‘loyalty card program’ (p38).


Marketing experts should be aware that the product is the thing that they’re selling, and innovation in this field is also necessary to build a customer base. The purpose of this essay is to explore how Glenmeadie can balance their innovation efforts between the product and new types of marketing in an effort to impress new customers and build a loyal customer fan base, by using the Ansoff and 8Ps frameworks to provide an illustration on how best to tackle the issues at hand. Glenmeadie The information provided by Nunes & Driggs (2006) paints an outline of Glenmeadie. As a Scotch whiskey distillery, Glenmeadie has won 7 gold medals in one season on a national and international scale, suggesting an upmarket taste and therefore suggesting a target market of whiskey connoisseurs. The marketing campaign led by Bob consists of international efforts to put on Tastemakers events in 25 cities, starting in New York. The aim is to spend $15,000 on each event, offering tastes of various whiskeys and bringing in efforts from an apprentice distiller and buyers from local distributors. Glenmeadie is also trying to give a more personal face to the brand, having interactive websites and creating loyalty card programs. ...
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