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Name Professor Module Date Information Technology: Use in the Education Sector Name: My Name Client: The Education Sector Role of the Sector The education sector is the agent of society that has the responsibility of giving knowledge to the younger generations to prepare them to deal with the challenges of the future.


The education sector is no exception and several schools have embarked on digitalization programs, issuing students with e-book readers and giving them access to the internet. Since e-books are said to be economical and nondestructive to the environment, they seem to be a viable replacement for traditional books. The education sector, therefore, aims at replacing all printed books with their digital versions, even though this progress will be achieved over a long time and the sector has to overcome many hurdles. 2. Internal Environment: In the education sector, there are protagonists for the use of information technology, and there are antagonists. The protagonists give the advantages of using e-books, including the fact that it is easier to search information from digital sources than from traditional books. On the other hand, antagonists claim that books are meant to be read sequentially and not intermittently as people read digital books. They assert that giving students digital books will affect learning as we know it, and since not enough research has been done, this could have disastrous results. ...
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