Use of Electronic Monitoring to Measure Employee Productivity

Use of Electronic Monitoring to Measure Employee Productivity  Case Study example
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Use of Electronic Monitoring to Measure Employee Productivity
The advancement in information technology has molded the daily working environment of employees as well as the relationships between the individuals and groups within the work place.


Nevertheless, these systems and tools have promoted intrusion into the private lives of employees by both the profession and the employer. Many organizations have opted to use electronic monitoring to track employee productivity and analyze their electronic communication. The issue of electronic monitoring intrusion into employee’s privacy has sparked a major debate between the employers and employee advocates. This paper will discuss the contemporary issues in the use of electronic monitoring by companies to assess employee productivity.
Advancement in information technology: Technological growth has facilitated accurate collection and storage of a great pool of personal information usually without the permission or knowledge of the employee concerned, and whether such information is necessary for business functions. The organizations collect personal information for reasons of evaluation of employee performance,security,and protection from lawsuits among others.
Nevertheless, the privacy laws are not robust enough to shield employees from intrusion (Watt, 2009). Currently, employees of private corporations in the United States lack legal protection against abusive practices of e-mail monitoring.
Therefore, American employers can freely intercept, seek, and read any messages stored on the hard drives of employee’s computer. ...
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