The Roles of Pubic Relations in Crisis Managment

The Roles of Pubic Relations in Crisis Managment Essay example
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Name Professor Course Date of Submission Topic: The Roles of Public Relations in Crisis Management Crisis management fundamentally is about crisis prevention which requires profound understanding of scenarios and nagging issues and strategizing response to resolve the pressing problem (Luer &Wang, 2004).


Understanding Public Relations Public Relation is significant part of management to sustain systematically an activity by gathering and influencing empathy from the people as its stakeholders (Felea, 2004). The aim of nurturing public relations is to develop rapport with the public and by making them understand the organization and what its doing (Felea, 2004). Experts in public relation use all typology of communication with the public, as represented by personalities who are imbued with institutional and organizational identity (Felea, 2004). This process is deemed significant to avoid or wane down the opposition of employer and employees, in case of labor dispute, or probably to reduce panic in the market in the case of financial crisis. In international relations, countries diplomatically develop public relations to ensure that social acceptability and to maintain social peace while engendering cooperation and collaboration on social policy or agenda (Felea, 2004). This is also true in market relations to ascertain efficiency on commercial firm’s services and to maintain connections with its clients while on business operation (Felea, 2004). ...
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