Global Marekting and Ethics

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GLOBAL MARKETING AND ETHICS Primary focus This paper is focused on the interaction between global marketing and ethics related to it and for this purpose concentration is led on a particular sector (automobile industry) involved in global marketing and cultural factors affecting the products’ success in the global market.


Attracting customers along with product innovations, customers taste and preferences must be given prime emphasis for success (Bruno, Miedzinski, Reid and Yaniz, 2008, p.13). In 1980s and 1990s the main thrust of the automobile companies was to produce so called “world cars”. The term “world cars” mean that several automobile multinational companies like Ford, General Motors, and Toyota during that time targeted to sell cars in a same design produced in their centralised units in their overseas global market with a perspective that it would reap them huge benefit over their cost coverage. But the ultimate scenario in the reality was reverse. It was found that consumer in different market showed different taste and preference orientation as for example in North America the consumers demand were biased towards pick up cars while in European countries pick up cars were treated as utility vehicles purchased by firms for production use (Hill, and Jones, 2007, p. 275). Life style and preferences of the consumers can be referred to as a chief driving force in global marketing of automobile industries. Social norms affecting global automobile industry Social norms play a significant role in global marketing of automobile industries. ...
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