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Consumer Decision-Making Process

(Philip Kotler, 2009) Need Recognition is the start of the buying process, where the customers realize their need or problem. This necessity or want could be triggered by wanting to satisfy a need which arises due to internal stimuli, such as thirst, hunger, etc. (Anonymous, n.d.) . This need can also be sparked by external stimuli such as advertisements, or when your friend buys a new car or a new pair of shoes. At this stage, online marketers should make effective use of the internet to stimulate recognition of this need (Philip Kotler, 2009). They generally start off by collecting information from consumers, about their lifestyles, the products they use, important events in their lives, through online surveys and questionnaires. In the internet world, customers tend to search for pages that they want to browse through. Marketers use the traditional method of using banners and ads to attract customers. Some even use pop-up sites to get the consumer’s attention. A study conducted by IIfeld and Winer showed that about 88 internet companies got frequent hits online due to banner advertising (Limbada, 2006). Online Companies such as and use this technique effectively. ...
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Consumer Decision-Making Process Consumer Decision-Making Process Consumer Decision-Making Process Purchasing a product is not just a simple buying decision; it involves an entire decision-making process. Sellers need to pay attention to the complete procedure, rather than focusing solely on the purchase decision…
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