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Quantitative Research Report 1. INTRODUCTION AND THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Market research is a strategy employed by organizations to gather information about the nature and behavior of an organization’s customers or the market. It is an important aspect for any organization that is seeking to investigate some of the issues that the organization faces.


The organization is a small regional chain of DVD rental stores that has been faced with decline in turnover and other issues that are of concern to the management. The organizations require investigation on the reasons why the numbers of customers have declined to look for solutions to the declining market problem that it faces. In addition, the study will also look into whether these reasons have contributed to the decline in turnover in the chain of stores. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT The ‘Films 4 you’ organization has experienced a decline in turnover over a period of 24 months, and is worried about the future of the organization. Some possible reasons have emerged after some interviews were conducted on a small sample of customers. One of the reasons identified was that competitors of the company had won the customers from them. It was also identified that the online rental services was mostly responsible for the erosion of customers. A major factor identified in the loss of customers pertained to services offered by the company not matching the requirements and expectations of the customers. 3. ...
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