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A Research Project for the Hotel Industry

For example, the book included the research undertaken by Pegg and Suh, which examined the activities involved in service recovery, planning, responsibilities, outcomes and evaluation. (p. 31-34) What Prideaux, Moscardo and Laws provided for this study was a general framework that contextualized the subject within the hotel industry. There was a clear link between service, recovery and the hospitality business. In line with this resource is another important work, which is that by Young and Burgess (2010). Their research investigated and described service recovery as a form of marketing technology. It provided several empirical evidences that demonstrate how service recovery can address service aberrations. Furthermore, the researchers were also able to describe the relationship between service recovery and positive customer attitude. An understanding of the theoretical paradigm behind the importance of service recovery is critical in making sense of its relations to customer satisfaction or profitability for hotels. In this respect, Bitner, Booms and Mohr (1994) designed a model based on the interaction between an organization and its customers. ...
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LITERATURE REVIEW Service is a standard component of business strategies for organizations intent in surviving the highly competitive market today. This is the reason why academic interest on the subject has been extensive and this is demonstrated in the sheer expanse of literature on service such as service quality, service empowerment and so forth…
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