DBA DOC 1(Definition and Mapping of reseach ) Topic: consumer reactions to price changes in Toyota SUV in Saudi Arabia

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1. Overview Exploring on price elasticity serves as a major interest for companies involved in production of goods and service delivery. This observation is based on the notion that price serves as the primary influence in consumer decision-making. Price movement also affects future consumer behavior and is critical in the overall competitiveness of companies.


During the course of this research, the following takeaways are expected to be obtained: (1) understanding of consumer behavior in relation to incremental price changes in selected models of Toyota SUVs; (2) determining the extent of impact that price movement has on car owners and potential car buyers; (3) improving future price strategies; and (4) shaping further the competition in the automotive industry in Saudi Arabia. The initial section of the research provides a detailed outlined and provide an appreciation on the flow of the discussion. Issues raised will be discussed in brief and concepts will be introduced for better understanding. This section of the study also details the rationale behind the research including the objectives and specific research questions to be addressed. Section 2 of the study presents the preliminary literature, which will establish the foundation of assumptions and conclusions. The next section explains the methodology to be used and the maps the framework for the study. Documents 3, 4, and 5 contain the results, discussion, and conclusion but are still subject to major modifications depending on the data gathered and level of analysis required. 2. ...
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