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Research Paper example - Diversity at NIH

Diversity at NIH Research Paper example
Research Paper
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Diversity at NIH Name Institution Diversity at NIH Diversity enables people at different geographical locations to interact or link with one another. These links established through diversity are part of the social fabric in most companies that creates a leveraging uniqueness and contributes to value addition of a company’s culture as well as its subsequent success…

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It will also seek to establish the results of diversity’s role in the general performance of the company. Diversity is a difference whereby people’s differences can be many and variable. In addition, diversity can refer to people’s commitment to recognize other’s ability and appreciate their unique characteristics within an environment that promotes and celebrates both personal and collective achievements within an organization. Factors determining diversity can from race to culture to religion and even marital status. NIH is the America’s National Institute of Health agency charged with the responsibility of carrying out research related to biomedical and health services. This agency is has two parts. The first one is the NIH Extramural Research Program that takes care of all biomedical research funding outside the agency. The other one is the NIH Intramural Research Program whose responsibility is to carry out internal research for NIH (Alving, 2009). Many due to its synergistic approach towards biomedical research best know this agency. As elaborated, diversity strategy enables a company define its mission. NIH has a mission who vision is to envision a world where mental illnesses are preventable and curable. ...
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