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These three types are following:
Here I will discuss the entertainment poll that was published in Los Angeles Times. It is a Bloomberg survey of pop culture and entertainment in the United States. Population of this survey is teenagers between age of 12 and 17 and young adults between age of 18 and 24. Old age is not considered in this survey because age limit is most important in entertainment industry. In this survey they want to know the opinions of young people either the entertainment industry release the music for downloading or for CD sales, either they release the movies to DVD for downloading when the movies are screened first time in theatre or not, is piracy affect their profit margin or not. These are all the questions of poll that is published in Los Angeles Times. The target group is young people and teenagers because they are the people who run and shape the entertainment industry.
Young people demands multitasking in the entertainment industry. They demand downloading and CD’s of music at a time. They demand movies on DVD and in theatre at a time. Teenagers do their homework while listen the music that’s why they demand multitasking art in entertainment industry. Most teenagers reported that they listening music most of hours in a day therefore they demand multitasking art in music. Computers and cell phone are playing biggest role in entertainment industry. Now the teenagers download music and videos from their computers and spend most of the time on it.
Sample of this survey is 1904 respondents from which 1650 was qualified. From the qualified respondents 839 were minors from the age of 12 to 17 years and 811 were young adults from the age of 18 to 24 years. This sample was selected because it presents the benchmark according to the U.S. Census population. Most newspaper not provides information on the basis of number of people responded because from the respondents some of them not qualify ...
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Newspaper published all the important polls. There are many firms who do polls or conduct surveys. Through the polls we can know what people think and how they behave. Polls results are published in national newspapers and local…
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