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Lodox Statscanner X-Ray Unit

Lodox Statscanner X-Ray Unit

Lodox is a full-body, high-speed digital radiology device used in health care facilities and testing centres to save on time and provide a full x-ray image of the body. The system’s full marketing name is the Lodox Statscan, Xmplr-dr and is a radiotherapy (DR) X-ray system for scanning capable of registering high imaging speeds of upto13 seconds for a six-foot image without the necessity of retakes or stitching of images. The Lodox applies technology that amplifies safety. The design of Lodox meets cost effective expectations of some major customers around the globe. While it saves on time by producing high quality images within a short period, the device does not include imaging films and therefore operates with the use of flash memory, hence, the production of digital images.
The usability and advantages of using the Lodox will be showcased and promoted through marketing mix to include product placement, advertising, price promotion, and mass media publicity. The company behind Lodox Statscan, Lodox, projects high economic expectations as few alternative products can compare with Lodox Statscan in terms of usability and the bleeding edge technology. Like most other companies, the appropriate growth strategy for Lodox is to provide a continued supply of quality Lodox Statscanner units to the existing and emerging markets to garner increased market share, worldwide recognition, and effective marketing strategies. In terms of market promotion, besides the initial $10,000 in capital, 20% of revenues coming from sales will stand as reinvestment capitals to acquire 20% market share within each financial year for the five year marketing plan. ...
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This paper considers the Lodox Statscanner X-ray Unit, which is a radiotherapy imaging device. The paper analyses the devices’ use and applicability, technology used, benefits, marketing strategy used, marketing plan, analysis of the marketing plan, and appropriate growth strategy for the product…
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